Preserve your most valued memories

A private, secure storage service for saving videos, photos and other media. Relive your special moments, organize them, and share them with the people that matter to you.

For families

LightJar is simple memory protection. LightJar provides the ability to upload and save your special media recordings, organize them, view or play them again, and share them. Your content and subscriber information are encrypted during upload, download, and when in storage.

For businesses

LightJar is an essential service vehicle that works with any modern browser. Use it to improve employee productivity, collaborate better with your customers, and save your valuable hard work. LightJar is built to handle large, long video files, as well as, images and audio recordings.

Subscription Plans

LightJar subscriptions plans vary by type and storage size, and are priced accordingly. The plan types are based upon how often you access and share your stored media – all the time, some of the time, or only as backup recovery for your laptop or smart phone.


  • Provides 24×7 immediate access to all stored files for viewing, download, and sharing.
  • The entry level 10GB active plan provides a free 30 day trial.


  • The least expensive, intended for backup purposes and long term permanent storage.
  • Ideal for completed video projects that are no longer active, or for archived backup of wedding videos and photos.


  • A combination of the previous plans.
  • Frequently accessed files are available 24×7 for download and sharing, while files not touched or accessed for some time are placed in archived state (but can be restored within 24 hours).

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LightJar's intro plan is 10GB of storage for $2 a month

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